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Our Position Statement

Our unique discipline brings together teachers, researchers, and practitioners from a range of disciplinary backgrounds to promote excellence in the development, delivery and evaluation of primary care policy and practice.

Academic Primary Care - Now More Than Ever

Strong primary care delivers better outcomes at lower cost with greater equity. Academic Primary Care underpins the sustained delivery and improvement of primary care. We need strong Academic Primary Care, Now More Than Ever.

The SAPC Dangerous Ideas Soapbox

At a time of significant change and challenge in the world of primary care, we need critical creative ideas to help  find solutions. SAPC has recognised the need to expand the capacity for  blue sky thinking and basic research in primary care. Conferences  offer a key opportunity to bring people together – to create a ‘festival for ideas’, stimulating new conversations and new thoughts as well as critiques of existing ideas.

SAPC Ambassadors

The role of SAPC Ambassador is a new role that we started to develop in 2016 to give SAPC members opportunities to join us in our work and so develop new skills and experiences that support their own career development.

An introduction to SIGs

As part of its strategic goal to enhance impact through collaborative action, SAPC supports a number of Special Interest Groups. This page tells you more about SIGs and how to apply to set up a new SIG.

SAPC Supporting Your Career

SAPC champions excellent academic primary care at the heart of constant improvement in primary care provision. We support your work and your career through improving public, political and professional understanding of why what we do matters.

Building and sustaining a vibrant Academic Primary Care workforce lies at the heart of what we do.

SAPC: Developing a strategic plan

Academic primary care offers solutions to the complex problems facing today's primary care. In 2013, SAPC set out a new strategic plan to maximise the impact of our discipline in driving improvement in primary care through scholarship.

Mentorship programme


The aim of the SAPC Mentorship Programme is to support academic colleagues working in departments of Primary Care.  The Programme was established initially to help primary health care scientists (non-GPs), who, because of their heterogeneous core disciplines have no other single support scheme.  We are delighted that SAPC is now able to extend the scheme to GP members.  The mentorship scheme is designed to have a positive impact on career aspirations and development for such professionals and enhance their research productivity and leadership.  In order to build a clear pathway, and community of mentorship practice, it is essential that the scheme is led and delivered by the most experienced researchers and clinical leaders from similar backgrounds.