Heads of Teaching (HOTs)

HOTS are responsible for overseeing the strategic delivery of academic activity related to University based primary care teaching

The HoTs group meets twice each year with representation from all UK medical schools with some lively eDiscussions taking place in between.  Co-chairs are Joe Rosenthal (UCL) and Joanne Protheroe (Keele). Hugh Alberti (Newcastle), Sonia Kumar (Imperial), Bob McKinley (Keele) and Sandra Nicholson (QMUL)  are also members of the HoTs Executive which shares organisational and representative duties.  The group works closely with HODs, SAPC Exec and RCGP to provide a unified approach to provision of Primary care undergraduate education in the UK.

Contacts: Joe Rosenthal and Joanne Protheroe

Published in November 2019 - Report of 2018 national survey of UK Heads of GP teaching

HoTs Terms of Reference:

  • To provide a national forum for exchange of information and ideas in relation to undergraduate primary care education
  • To provide a lobbying function for the interests of undergraduate primary care education
  • To share good practice in respect of quality management and enhancement in undergraduate primary care education
  • To maintain and enhance the national profile of undergraduate primary care education in the context of higher education and the NHS
  • To provide a means of liaison between undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and with groups involved in the education and training of other health professionals working in primary care
  • To inform strategic planning of primary care education and training at local and national levels, including support of primary care education research wherever possible.
  • To promote good practice in terms of staff development and career progression for teaching academics working in university departments of primary care
  • To promote appropriate recognition and reward for service GPs teaching medical students in community settings.
  • To maintain networks with GP colleagues in senior academic positions beyond the scope of undergraduate primary care education (eg Deans of medical schools, leaders of national organisations)
  • To provide a channel of communication with the SAPC Executive and HoDs Group as well as with RCGP, GMC, MSC, ASME, COGPED,and other national organisations with an interest in medical education and training.


Current HoTs priorities:

  • Negotiation with Department of Health regarding a new Tariff for Primary Care Education in England (also relevant to devolved nations)
  • Liasion with RCGP, HEE, Medical Schools Council and other bodies regarding developments to undergraduate education
  • Promoting GP careers at medical schools
  • Encouraging high quality collaborative educatiional research across medical schools
  • Using research evidence to brief MPs, Ministers and Parliamentary Committees regarding provision of community-based undergraduate education in medical schools
  • Providing a sharing and support network for those with responsibility for undergraduate community-based education in the UK medical schools.