Primary Health Care Scientists - PHoCuS

We are delighted to announce that from January 2018 we have two new PHoCuS Leads – Professor Suzanne Richards and Dr Julia Hiscock.

Next meeting - Wednesday 11th July 2018, Barbican Centre during the SAPC annual scientific meeting.

Primary Healthcare Scientists (PHoCuS) make up around half of the APC workforce.  APC derives its strength from its mutidisciplinary workforce. In 2012, the Society started work to understand and address the career development needs of our our members who don't come from a medically qualified background. The result was the establishment of our PHoCuS group.

Importantly the request for this group to be established came from two medically qualified SAPC members - Professor Helen Lester and Professor Peter Croft. We have to thank both of them for helping us establish the group, Helen for her vision and belief in the added value PHoCuS members brought to APC, and Peter for identifying a start up fund of £5k.

Professor Christine Bond and Professor Sandra Eldridge now lead a team of PHoCuS members developing a range of support for our members.

Growing support

Mentorship programme

One of the great successes of the group has been the implementation of the mentorship programme.  PHoCuS continues to expand, both in terms of members and activities. The group  leads a number of Getting On resources for SAPC members:

  • The mentorship programme
  • PHoCuS meetings timetabled in to national and regional conferences
  • Our regular #PHoCuSFriday initiative on Twitter (@sapcacuk) highlights research and teaching by primary healthcare scientists
  • Virtual meetings on hot topics - recently these have focussed on fellowships
  • Identifying and bringing together groups within our discipline eg sociologists and health scientists, psychologists ...

Applying for a fellowship?

Fellowships are one route to developing a research portfolio towards becoming a leader in health research. They can be a useful way of funding people’s time, research projects and training development. Fellowships are available from a range of funders to support people at different points in their research path. For more information and help.


The champions make sure that ideas discussed at our meetings are put in to action.  We would like to thank all our champions:

Regional meeting champions

Sandra Jumbe (SE and London)

Katie Mills (SE)

Emily Fletcher (SW)

Julia Hiscock (SW)

Anne MacFarlane (Ireland)

Becci Morris (North)

Barbara Nicholl (Scotland)

Liz Orton (East Midlands)

Suzanne Richards (North)

Sarah Rodgers (East Midlands)

Social media champions

Christie Cabral

Sarah Tonkin  Crine

Susannah Fleming

Barbara Nicholl

Becci Morris

Discsipline groups

Julia Hiscock (Sociology)

Sarah Tonkin-Crine (Psychology)

Beth Stuart (Statistics)

Gary Abel (Statistics)

Virtual meeting champions

Akke Vellinga

Barbara Nicholl

Get in touch

If you would like more information on the work of PHoCuS, or you’d like to get involved as a either mentor or mentee, please contact us.