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WiseGP- Reclaiming General Practice

At WiseGP we recognise that more of the same won’t fix general practice. We are working to champion the distinct expert generalist skills of GPs. Our resources aim to support WiseGPs to drive the changes needed to reclaim professional control of...

Trauma-informed coproduction

Wanting to better involve people with lived experience of complex trauma in primary care research? How can we make sure that the way we are involving people is trauma-informed? A group of women with lived experience of complex trauma, a charity that...

ASM Awards 2023

Jenny Newbould RAND
We would like to congratulate the ASM 2023 award winners: Education: Charlotte Albury - University of Oxford Communicating weight loss advice in primary care: Using conversation analysis to develop online education resources for clinicians Early...

Making a difference

Teaching general practice: Guiding principles for undergraduate general practice curricula in UK medical schools

The Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) have collaborated to produce, for the first time, national guidance on the design and delivery of general practice learning and teaching in UK medical schools. The guidance is based on published evidence and current best practice in UK medical schools and has been refined through consultation with the Heads of Teachers group in SAPC, the Medical Schools Council (MSC), the General Medical Council (GMC) and the MRCGP Curriculum Development Group. It aims to support implementation of the...

Supporting General Practice careers

Professor Val Wass led a recent task force review to examine what could be done to promote GP careers within medical schools. Academic Primary Care, and the Society for Academic Primary Care, are recognised to play a key role in this agenda. This article outlines the key recommendations from the report and the work that SAPC is doing, in conjunction with partners, to address them.

Academic Primary Care - Now More Than Ever

Strong primary care delivers better outcomes at lower cost with greater equity. Academic Primary Care underpins the sustained delivery and improvement of primary care. We need strong Academic Primary Care, Now More Than Ever.