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Festive greetings after a year of change

A message from your Co Chairs:

Festive greetings after a year of change

Another year is coming to an end, and it’s a chance to reflect on what has been a time of important change in SAPC.

Reflections from the not-so-grim North

Around a year ago, I wrote some reflections on my experience of the SAPC Annual Scientific Meeting. From my somewhat damp basement. It was something I really enjoyed, and a testament to the huge amount of hard work put in to organising it by colleagues in Leeds. This year, the conference was also in the North of England – this time in Preston. But more importantly – in real life.

AI in primary care: linking clinical and data science academics

Hello, I am Eduard, a clinical academic and GP in Liverpool with a cardiology background interest in ageing, multimorbidity and frailty. I believe that artificial intelligence (AI) has huge potential for supporting primary care. I keep waiting but have also worked with data scientists designing a number of research projects. This has changed my simplistic perception of this field and made me reflect on how to work better together.