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Reflections at a challenging time…..

I’m sure we’ll agree that it is a strange time for all of us.

Last week was ‘Mental Health Awareness week’ and members of the MH Special Interest group  would have been attending the Primary Care Mental Health conference at the University of York on 21st May. You can find the submitted abstracts on the SAPC website 

A Primary Care Scientist’s view of 2020

I have sat on the SAPC executive for 4 years now, and I have the honour of being the joint lead Primary
Health Care Scientists (PHoCuS) with Dr Julia Hiscock, University of Bangor. Primary Care Scientist is a
catchall term for the >50% of the Academic Primary Care (APC) workforce who are not general
practitioners. This group includes academics involved in both education and research. We are diverse,
with different professional backgrounds e.g. allied health professionals and nursing, social sciences


BJGPLife is the British Journal of General Practice's multimedia communication platform and first choice for comment, opinion, ideas and experience. It is accessible directly from the BJGP website and is an integral and essential part of the BJGP package. It has already taken on a new life with video interviews and contemporary comment with particular focus on the Covid-19 crisis.  

Cancellation of ASM 2020

Last month saw the cancellation of our Annual Scientific Meeting in Leeds in July – a decision which had to be made early to prevent financial losses. A big thanks must go to Richard Neal and Suzanne Richards and their team who had spent many hours on organising what was promising to be an excellent ASM.

SAPC ASM 2020 15-17 July, Leeds - abstracts update

Following the cancellation due to the Covid-19 pandemic of the SAPC Annual Scientific Meeting that was to be held in Leeds in July 2020 we are planning to publsih the presentation abstracts that were submitted.  We plan to have them available by early July.