The Society for Academic Primary Care

Championing expertise in Academic Primary Care, driving improvements in Primary Care provision

We, the SAPC, provide a clear voice, and a strong presence, for Academic Primary Care in the complex and ever-changing Primary Care environment. We offer a point of reference and contact for those seeking academic solutions to the problems they face in the provision and study of Primary Care, and the advancement of Academic Primary Care.

The SAPC Executive team are elected and co-opted members of the Society who set the strategic direction for the Society, and lead work to deliver on our goals.

Why does Academic Primary Care matter?

Academic Primary Care improves primary care by making a positive impact on policy and practice. This then enables improvements in the care that patients receive.

We improve Primary Care by:

  • Providing a deeper understanding of Primary Care, its aims and its relevence
  • Developing, delivering and evaluating ways of delivering Primary Care policy and practice
  • Delivering critical commentary and evidence on how wider policy and practice impacts on the provision of Primary Care

We submitted a report to the Health Select Committee Inquiry in to Primary Care in Autumn 2016.

How does SAPC support academic primary care?

Our Strategic Plan outlines what we do advance primary care through education and research.

Who are SAPC Executive Team ?

Our Executive team are SAPC members, elected or co-opted to lead the work of our organisation.

Elections are held annually and we welcome expressions of interest from SAPC members across the APC community to join us.

We meet four times a year (including at the AGM), with additional teleconference meetings in between.

You can hear current executive team members talking about their role here.

We are also developing new opportunities for members to join our work as SAPC Ambassadors. More details on this scheme will be announced shortly.

SAPC Executive Team

2017 Conference Chair, former Chair of SAPC (2013-2016), Executive Member
Chair of SAPC, Executive Member and SAPC mentor
Dr Nathan R. Hill
SAPC Secretary, Executive Member, IT Lead
Dr Jo Protheroe
SAPC Treasurer, SIGs Lead, Executive Member
2017 organising committee, previous Executive Member, Early Career Academic Group Lead 2012-2016
Executive Member, Primary Health Care Scientists co-Lead
Executive Member, Patient and Public Involvement Lead
Executive Member, Primary Health Care Scientists co-Lead
Dr Greg Irving
Executive Member, Acadedmic GP Lead
Executive Member, Co-Chair of Heads of Teaching
Executive Member, Chair of RCGP CIRC
Executive Member, Ambassador lead and Mentor
Executive Member, Conferences lead
Executive Member, Engagement lead
Sue Stewart
SAPC Secretariat and Conference Manager