Dr Rebecca Morris

BA (hons), MA, MSc, PhD
Early Career Academics lead and SAPC mentor

Her first degrees were in Psychology (MA, BA) and Global Health (MSc) at the University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland. She started working in primary care when she started a doctoral fellowship at the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre, University of Manchester. Her doctoral work focused on the social networks of people living with long term conditions. Since completing her doctoral fellowship she has continued her work in the Centre for Primary Care which is a founder member of the NIHR School for Primary Care Research.

Her research interests focus on the social processes of care with a particular focus on optimizing communication in health care, patient safety, use of technology for health care delivery, long term condition management, and developing participatory approaches to optimise implementation of initiatives. I have worked on a range of projects that have ranged from the social networks of individuals with long term conditions, multimorbidity, the role of voluntary groups in supporting people living with long term conditions to the Prevention of Acute Kidney Injury through the development of 'sick day rules' and the implementation of patient safety initiatives into General Practice.

Becci has been awarded a range of grant and personal awards (as both Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator). Becci has worked on projects funded by the NIHR Greater Manchester Primary Care Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, NIHR School for Primary Care Research, NIHR CLAHRC for Greater Manchester, and the Royal College of General Practitioners. Central to her work has been involving members of the public, patients, voluntary organisations, and health care professionals to help shape the work and develop research that addresses questions that are important for everyday health care.

She is also an elected member of the SAPC executive committee leading the ambassador and department liaison programme and the Early Career Academics Group. She is keen to support early career academics in developing their academic primary care research career and is a doctoral and masters supervisor and advisor. I have established and lead the SAPC Special Interest Group on participatory approaches to primary care research and patient and public involvement.

Becci’s University profile can be found here and she tweets @beccimorris13


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Fellowships are one route to developing a research portfolio towards becoming a leader in health research. They can be a useful way of funding people’s time, research projects and training development. Fellowships are available from a range of funders to support people at different points in their research path.

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26 Oct 2015

We are pleased to be able to fund 10 bursaries of £100 for Primary Health Care Scientists (members who are part of the PHoCuS group / non-medical) to attend the annual conference each year.

24 Aug 2015

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SAPC is committed to supporting primary care researchers throughout their career and especially at the earlier stages. We have an early career academic working group, comprised of members of the SAPC executive committee, and external members, both clinical and primary healthcare scientists, researchers and educationalists. We work as a group to ensure that SAPC addresses the challenges facing early career academics in primary care. The group is led by Becci Morris.