SAPC Ambassadors

Ambassadors work with the Exec team to develop and deliver aspects of the Society's work.  A list of institutions where Ambassadors are needed can be found at the end of this page.

We are also looking for an Ambassador lead to liaise with Ambassadors.  More about this role can be found here.

Becoming an SAPC Ambassador provides opportunities both to add to your skills and your CV, and to make a difference within the Academic Primary Care community.

The role involves:

Actively raising the profile of SAPC in your department (or organisation)

  • Being a liaison link between SAPC Exec, your department (or organisation), and any external contacts seeking SAPC contact through your department (or organisation) with support from Amy Blakemore
  • You giving us feedback on how we can develop the role
  • Meeting other SAPC ambassadors and the SAPC exec liaison at meetings to be held either at the ASM or on Zoom (at least once a year)

We will provide the ambassadors with:

  • An ‘open’ chair to come and observe the SAPC executive meetings.
  • Resource packs to support you in raising awareness of SAPC and recruitment members (including posters and member packs)
  • A list of SAPC Members can be found by logging into the site and clicking on each institution within the directory 
  • The title of SAPC Ambassador that you can list on your CV as an extended role in Academic Primary Care (with your name listed on the SAPC website on the Ambassadors’ page)
  • Support from a SAPC Exec member
  • Peer support with a network of SAPC Ambassadors, including meetings at SAPC events

.For more information, contact Sue Stewart, SAPC.


Bangor - Julia Hiscock

Belfast, Queen's University - Heather Barry

Birmingham - Brian Willis

Bristol - Deborah McCahon

Cambridge - Carol Sinott

Cardiff - Fiona Wood

Exeter - Emily Fletcher

Galway - Akke Vellinga

Glasgow - Barbara Nicholl

Hull - Liz Mitchell

Imperial - Sonia Saxena

Keele - Elizabeth Cottrell

Keele - new - Ben Saunders

Kent - Vanessa Short

Leciester - Chris Williams

Leeds - Jessica Drinkwater

Leeds - Sarah Alderson

Manchester - Amy Blakemore

Manchester - Rebecca Morris

Manchester - Rebecca Farrington

Oxford - Oliver van Hecke

QMUL - Ratna Sohanpal

RCSI - Emma Wallace

Sheffield - Jon Dickson

Singapore - Helen Smith

Southampton - Hajira Dambha-Miller

St Andrew's - Virginia Santiago

St George’s - Umar Chaudhry

UCC - Aisling Jennings

UCL - Nicola Clarke

UEA - Helen Parretti

Warwick - Emma Scott

Worcester - Sabrina Grant



Institutions with a vacancy for an ambassador