SAPC Ambassadors


We are offering new opportunities for SAPC members to become an SAPC Ambassador.

Ambassadors will work with the Exec team to develop and deliver aspects of the Society's work. 

Amy Blakemore is the SAPC Ambassador lead on the exec and she also leads the Early Career Academics Group.

Becoming an SAPC Ambassador will provide opportunities both to add to your skills and your CV, and to make a difference within the Academic Primary Care community.

The role will involve:

  • Actively raising the profile of SAPC in your department (or organisation)
  • Being a liaison link between SAPC Exec, your department (or organisation), and any external contacts seeking SAPC contact through your department (or organisation) with support from Amy Blakemore
  • You giving us feedback on how we can develop the role
  • Quarterly telephone conference with other SAPC ambassadors and the SAPC exec liaison (Amy Blakemore)

We will provide the ambassadors with:

  • An ‘open’ chair to come and observe the SAPC executive meetings.
  • Resource packs to support you in raising awareness of SAPC and recruitment members (including posters and member packs)
  • A hard copy of the SAPC Members Directory as a reference/resource for departmental use
  • The title of SAPC Ambassador that you can list on your CV as an extended role in Academic Primary Care (with your name listed on the SAPC website on the Ambassadors’ page)
  • Support from a SAPC Exec member (Amy Blakemore)
  • Peer support with a network of SAPC Ambassadors, including meetings at SAPC events

.For more information, contact Amy Blakemore.