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Who are we?

SAPC is a member organisation of around 700 people. Around half are primary care clinicians, mainly academic GPs; half are Primary Healthcare Scientists, academics with non-clinical primary care expertise. Together we work to drive improvements in primary care provision through excellence in education and research.

 Find out more about our support for Primary  Healthcare Scientist and academic GP members

What we do

SAPC has a number of working groups supporting the needs of our members and the organisation

GP Scholarship and the Wise GP

Heads of Department (HODs)

Heads of Teaching (HOTs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Stakeholder engagement

These groups all work to support our 3 key  goals to raise the profile of APC; build and support a sustainable workforce; and optimise the impact of our work through collaboration.

What do you want to know?

Some common questions that people search for are included here. If you’re still struggling to find what you want to know, you can contact us by emailing office@sapc.ac.uk.