Mental health - "No health without mental health"

The first meeting for this SIG will be held at the SAPC ASM 2019 at Exeter, in July 2019. 

Before that the SIG is 'co-hosting' a meeting at Keele on 19th March 2019 "A person-centred approach to physical-mental multimorbidity"

Save the date: Tuesday 19th March 2019 


This group aims to bring together researchers working in the field of primary care mental health to:

  • Ensure that mental health is considered in all research – not as a separate condition
  • Develop collaborative grant applications
  • Consider methodologies in mental health research
  • Exchange information about relevant grant funding, clinical guidance and policies.

To develop:

A forum within which mental health research can be discussed, and researchers working in the field can meet

Collaborative grant applications

Closer working with third sector services



Carolyn Chew-Graham

Katrina Turner