2021 Annual Report MH SIG



Primary Care Mental Health conference 25th May 2021 – online

Poster at SAPC ASM 2021 (virtual)


Online meetings:

5th Feb 2021

9th June 2021

22nd Sept 2021



“Twitter fest”

Around SAPC ASM and World Mental Health Day




Future plans:

Three-four monthly meetings (online)

Primary Care MH conference May 2022 (led by Manchester – Bower and Panagioti)

Meeting at SAPC ASM 2022.



Evidence of impact:

Increasing membership to group

ECRs value the opportunity to present in an informal meeting and receive feedback from peers.

Members e-introducing colleagues working in common areas

Members signposting others to articles, mental health conferences and the SPCR workshops

Individuals identifying collaborators to work on research grants.


How affiliation with SAPC has helped the SIG:

Use of ‘zoom’

Support for Primary Care MH conference 2021 – including publication of abstracts on SAPC website.

Disseminating information to all SAPC members about the group and future meetings.