Report of meeting 2019

On 3rd July, the inaugural meeting of the Mental Health Special Group, “No Health without Mental Health”, met in Exeter.


Katrina Turner and Carolyn Chew-Graham (co-chairs of the SIG) outlined the aims of the SIG, as described in the initial application to form a SIG.

To bring together researchers working in the field to:

  • Ensure that mental health is considered in all research
  • Develop collaborative grant applications
  • Consider methodologies in mental health research
  • Exchange information about relevant grant funding, clinical guidance and policies


Katrina and Carolyn advised that the SIGs were not funded, but some support was offered by SAPC (including support on website) and there is a small pot of money that SIGs can apply to, for funding specific initiatives/events.


Sixteen individuals attended the meeting in total.  Each attendee introduced themselves, described their areas of research, topic areas and methodological expertise.  As an icebreaker, each attendee was asked to place themselves along a line, according to how good (or otherwise) they felt they were collaborating, and to discuss their experiences and rationale behind where they had placed themselves.


The group then discussed what the SIG should be for and how we should communicate with each other. Suggestions included collaboration, informal networking, mentoring, developing research ideas and applications, supporting early career researchers, being critical friends, an opportunity for philosophical discussion, a twitter journal club, being an email group that allowed members to seek advice from others in the group.


Communication strategies included thro’ SAPC website, having dedicated twitter handle, having a google group. Action: Katrina to investigate.


The possibility of meeting between SAPC ASMs was raised. It was suggested that the MH SIG should join forces with the annual ‘Primary Care Mental Health Conference’ which has been running for over ten years, is hosted by departments without external funding, and the baton passes on an informal basis. The 2019 conference was held in May 2019, and hosted by Manchester. Action: Carolyn to speak with the Manchester team who organized the 2019 conference, to see who has offered to host 2020 conference.


Carolyn mentioned a conference that was held at Keele University earlier in the year, and co-badged by SAPC MH SIG.


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