2019 Annual Report MH SIG

The SIG Mental Health Group was established in autumn 2018.  Since then, there have been two events.

A conference was held at Keele University, 19th March 2019, on the topic of multimorbidity (with a focus on mental-physical comorbidity). It was hosted by Keele Unversity but co-badges as a SAPC event.

The SIG met at SAPC ASM in Exeter on the 3rd July 2019.  Sixteen participants attended the meeting.  There was discussion of common interests, the purpose  of the SIG, and the possibility of linking up with the ‘Primary Care Mental Health conference’ that has been running informally for the past 10 years. 

Full details of the meeting can be found here

Since the SIG meeting in July, Professor Simon Gilbody has agreed to host the Primary Care Mental Health conference in York, in 2020.  SIG members will be encouraged to attend, and a further meeting will be held at this conference.

We intend to apply for funding from SAPC to support this conference.