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2018 Creative Enquiry at the SAPC ASM London

‘Creative enquiry’ was a new strand within the SAPC programme of 2018. Through imagination, metaphor and symbol, successful participants embrace the complexity and inter-subjectivity inherent in lived experience and patient care. Knowledge-creation and meaning-making through the creation of artistic, poetic or dramatic expressions allows for the emergence of perspective and voice and can help us to gain insight on ourselves as seers and the lenses we embody. The motto of the Royal College of General Practitioners is ‘Cum Scientia Caritas’ (science with compassion). Caritas: Creative Enquiry...


The Annual General Meeting of the Society for Academic Primary Care will take place from 12.45 to 13.45 on Thursday 12th July 2018 during the 47th Annual Scientific Meeting at the Barbican Centre, London Here are the papers: Agenda Paper A - draft minutes from AGM 2017 University of Warwick Paper B - Officers' report Paper Ci - Treasurer's report - coming soon Paper Cii - Accounts year end 30 April 2018 Paper D - Head of Teaching group report (HoTs) Venue : Frobisher Auditorium 1, level 4, Barbican Centre Copies of all the papers will be handed out at the AGM

Recognising Scholarship at the heart of the modern discipline of General Practice

Clinical Practice is changing, so medical education must too ( Wenzel 2017 ). In a world characterised by widespread access to knowledge, professional practice is increasingly defined not by what you know, but by how you use what you know (Wenzel 2017). For General Practice, this means revising our understanding of the medical generalist role. It is no longer sufficient (accurate or adequately distinct) to describe the generalist as someone who ‘knows a little about a lot of things. Defining generalist practice in terms of 'what you know' invites a continued search for technical solutions (...

Career Support

SAPC has instigated a number of initiatves to support the careers of primary care academics involved in education and/or research. We have groups dedicated to supporting the needs of academic GPs, non-clinical members (Primary Healthcare Scientists - PHoCuS members), Early Career Academics, We run career development workshops, a mentorship scheme, as well as offering a range of prizes. The SAPC Ambassador role is relatively recent and offers opportunities for people to join the work we are doing whilst developing new skills and career opportunities.

Engagement with other organisations

Why is it important for SAPC to engage with other organisations? Our engagement work supports the aims of the society: to advance primary care through education and research; build and support a vibrant academic primary care workforce; and, create impact through supporting collaborative action. Our engagement activity has an important role in: Communicating the aims of SAPC Obtaining wider support for and sharing information about the work we do Developing collaborations with organisations who have shared and complementary interests Who we engage with? Clinicians and clinical academics...

Early careers workshop at ASM 2018

13:30 - 15:30 Tuesday 10th July 2018, Barbican Centre, Frobisher Room 4, level 4 Event Organiser: Dr Victoria Tzortziou Brown Speakers: Prof Amanda Howe, Prof Stephanie Taylor, Prof Anita Berlin and Prof Joanne Reeve There will be lots of opportunity for discussion at this 2-hour workshop. Topics will include: Career progression in academic primary care for both non-clinicians and clinicians REF - what does it mean? Facilitators and barriers to progression Target audience Early career researchers and educators with less than 5 years work experience in primary care or within 5 years of...

SAPC Elections - 2018

Seeking SAPC executive committee members and a vice-chair In 2018, we will be holding an election for four general member places on SAPC Executive , to serve from July 2018-2021. In addition we are also seeking nominations for a vice-chair who will serve from July 2018-2019 and will become chair in 2019 (until 2022). The Executive team lead the work of SAPC to raise the profile of Academic Primary Care, build a vibrant workforce by helping people Get In and Get On in APC, and enhance the impact of our work through supporting collaborations. You may like to read the most recent Officers'...


Championing and cultivating the pragmatic wisdom and clinical scholarship at the heart of modern General Practice The Wise GP programme recognises that modern health care needs gold-standard evidence, but also gold-standard professional wisdom. Visit the Wise GP website Scholarship refers to both the intellectual task of GP practice ( Every GP a Scholar ), and the collective professional wisdom of our discipline. Scholarship is the higher level thinking that underpins the everyday pragmatism of clinical practice - the intellectual expertise that enables clinicians to deliver highest quality care to their individual patients. Scholarship is a necessary part of professional excellence: both in the context of the clinical consultation, as well as the extended roles undertaken by many GPs including practice development and organisation, education, innovation, leadership, and research. The GP Scholarship programming is rethinking how we recognise , champion , and cultivate General Practice as the intellectual discipline it is, and needs to be, to address today's healthcare challenges.

HODs meeting winter 2017

Venue: University of Warwick, Radcliffe House Travel directions (free parking available at Radcliffe) Travelling by train to the University HODs meeting timetable Thursday 7th December 2017 15.30 coffee or tea on arrival 16.00 welcome and meeting part 1 18.00 meeting ends 19.00 drinks and dinner Overnight accommodation at Radcliffe House Friday 8th December 2017 08.00 meeting part 2 (included joint discussinn with HOTs 9.00-9.30) 10.30 meeting closes, coffee and depart Book a place

Education Research SIG meeting 7th December 2017

All Education Research SIG and / or SAPC members are welcome to join us for our December meeting. Date: Thursday 7th Dec 2017 Time: 10 - 15.30 (coffee from 9.30) Venue: University of Warwick, Radcliffe House, Room RAD Space 30 Travelling to the venue (Radcliffe) - free parking is available at Radcliffe. Attendance cost £25 (please bring cash or cheque on the day) Signing up Email Hugh Alberti to book a place (deadline 30th November). Please mention whether you would like to: a) share a short presentation about work-in-progress, or b) propose a particular topic for the afternoon small group...