Special interest groups

SAPC hosts and supports a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs are an important part of our work to achieve impact through collaboration

Dr Rachel Spencer is our SIGs lead. Here she describes how we support our SIGs and how you can get involved.

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Teaching - Near Peer Teaching in Primary Care

To provide opportunities for networking and collaboration amongst individuals from across undergraduate and postgraduate institutions who are passionate about promoting near-peer teaching in primary care settings.

Women's health


To create a supportive SIG that strengthens collaboration and promotes research and teaching excellence in the area of women’s community health at a national and international level.


To create a network of Primary care researchers that are research/teaching active in the area of women’s health in community and primary care. To develop a forum for developing research ideas and early-stage grant proposals. To develop research collaborations in women’s health including supporting early career researchers.