Women's health


To create a supportive SIG that strengthens collaboration and promotes research and teaching excellence in the area of women’s community health at a national and international level.


To create a network of Primary care researchers that are research/teaching active in the area of women’s health in community and primary care. To develop a forum for developing research ideas and early-stage grant proposals. To develop research collaborations in women’s health including supporting early career researchers.

To create mentoring opportunities for more experienced members of the SIG to support junior members in the area of women’s community health

To help share areas of excellent research/teaching practice in the area of women’s community health. To increase awareness of health inequalities experienced by women and develop primary care resources and evidence to help mitigate against these. To ensure primary care holds a central role (or that primary care voices are represented) in the proposed Women’s Health Strategy for England (existing for Scotland).

Using the contacts between SIG members to form collaborations in terms of both research activities and undergraduate/postgraduate teaching activities to strengthen research/teaching in the area of women’s health in the community on a national/international level.


Sarah Hillman

Sharon Dixon