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Sparkling Dangerous Ideas in Dublin at SAPC ASM 2016

The 5th annual SAPC Dangerous Ideas soapbox saw 6 speakers propose a range of ideas to improve primary care.These included the reorganisation of community pharmacy together with the reinstatement of generalist leadership. Offered alongside partly-tongue-in-cheek critiques of current opiod prescribing, care for the homeless, shared decision making and 'moaning' GPs. The six speakers pitched their ideas to a lively SAPC audience who voted for the introduction of a new Amazon-esque style approach to medicines management! (Almost...) Next year''s Dangerous Ideas soapbox will be held at the ASM in Warwick.

SAPC ASM 2016 in Dublin - highlights and video interviews

The premier primary care research meetingin the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Society of Academic Primary Care (SAPC) meeting, was hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in Dublin from 6th to 8th July 2016. Here is a round up in the...

2016 Annual Education, Research and Innovation Symposium

Warwick Medical School are proud to be hosting the 2016 Annual Education, Research and Innovation Symposium at Warwick University, in partnership with the RCGP Midlands Faculty. This is a must-attend event for students, GP registrars and GPs...

SAPC Hot Topic: Developing primary care educational research

Education and teaching lie at the heart of excellence in primary care. In this Hot Topic piece , Dr Sophie Park and colleagues discuss the importance of educational research in tackling the challenges and opportunities offered by a changing primary...