Lightning talks

Submission form and review criteria – same as oral presentations, select lightning talk when submitting

This year we will be holding an experimental session of lightning talks. Similar to Pecha Kucha talks, lightning talks at SAPC ASM 2019 will consist of exactly 20 slides each being displayed for 15 seconds. This results in a 5 minute presentation. Slides will be set up to automatically transition without the use of keyboard, mouse or clicker. Once the presentation starts it cannot be stopped.

20 slides each being displayed for 15 seconds in a 5 minute slot

How to submit

Use the on-line presentation abstract form and select "lightning talk"

If your abstract is not accepted for a lightning talk it may be considered for a poster.

Once your talk has been accepted - what to include in your slides

With a lightning talk the slides should support the narrative, rather than drive the presentation. The traditional bulleted list of sentences won’t work. Slides should contain images reflecting your spoken words. Any graphics will need to be simple and clear after all how much detail can you give about a figure showing your results in 15 seconds?

Don’t be constrained by the traditional! Break free from the Introduction, methods, results, conclusions format. Tell the audience why your research matters, or what drives you to do it. Explain why the latest health policy is a really bad idea or why a new methodology should be rolled out.

In order to keep the session rolling, we will not take questions after each talk, but rather have a panel discussion at the end of the session where the audience will get the chance to quiz any of the speakers. Even the chairs’ slides will transition automatically!


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