2020 Annual Report PPI SIG

This year the SIG was unable to hold it’s annual meeting at the SAPC AGM because of COVID-19. We have continued to operate the Google discussion group as a virtual way of connecting members and the @SAPCPR twitter handle, however, there has been less activity in the SIG. Following the SIGs lead meeting we are now planning to hold a virtual meeting in 2021 focusing on sharing learning and experiences of how people have adapted their patient and public involvement and participatory studies in response to changes because of COVID-19. I have written a blog about virtual public involvement for the SAPC website to spark discussion. I hope that this will be a way to link with other international researchers in the field to have an in-depth discussion and to bring together people who are interested in public involvement and participatory research building on the success of the meetings at the AGM as this was raised in a previous meeting to supporting sharing examples and learning from different experiences of involving patients and public contributors as well as integrating other stakeholders within research.