2019 annual report - PPI

The SIG has held 2 meetings at the AGM which have been a useful and vibrant discussion about public involvement and participatory approaches to research. We also have a Google discussion group as a way of connecting group members. The SIG is still relatively in its infancy and I plan to hold a meeting at the AGM to discuss future directions. The affiliation with SAPC has helped the SIG reach an interested audience of primary care  researchers across the membership which has helped us to learn and share examples from different areas of primary care research and education. I have also presented the SIG on international visits to departments in Norway and Denmark and shared information and learning from the group.  I have also had discussions with the NAPCRG Participatory Research in primary care working group to share experiences and knowledge and to strengthen links within the wider primary care community. At the AGM, the group will discuss holding a more indepth event to bring together people who are interested in public involvement and participatory research following the AGM as this was raised in a previous meeting to supporting sharing examples and learning from different experiences of involving patients and public contributors as well as integrating other stakeholders within research.