2019 annual report

This year, we have met twice as a SIG. Once in Warwick in December 2018 for a half day meeting, and again for a brief 90 minute meeting at the ASM 19 in Exeter.


The purpose of the Education Research SIG is to:


  • facilitate networking of individuals across SAPC who are interested in primary care medical education research.
  • support stakeholder / user engagement of work-in-progress across the group (through e.g. presentation of on-going work to the group for discussion and feedback)
  • maximise opportunities for collaboration through increasing colleagues awareness of research plans, progress and development; alongside strengthening friendships between members to again facilitate likelihood of collaborations
  • collectively reflect upon contemporary issues and challenges facing this community, and critically consider these in relation research agendas. 
  • encourage novice or new researchers in this field, through capacity building support; making explicit the existing community in this field; hosting focal events about this topic; contributing to scholarly panels (e.g. SAPC ASM education prize)


The Wednesday July group was attended by approximately 40 individuals from across the UK and Europe (including colleagues from Germany and Ireland). The group included HOTs, trainees, policy makers (e.g. Val Wass) and researchers. The session was chaired by Dr. Sophie Park. Preparatory discussions were held between Hugh Alberti, Alex Harding, Val Wass and Sophie Park.

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