2015 education research report

The Education Research SIG is an active group. Several members have completed or are studying for Doctorates and Masters studies in primary care educational research. Members have been successful in attracting a number of grants and have worked with research colleagues across SAPC. The SIG has an active google group which helps members to share communication about publications and funding calls. Publications include a recent National School of Primary Care Research (NIHR) funded Best Evidence in Medical Education (BEME) systematic review of undergraduate medical education in the UK general practice setting, which involved collaboration across the primary care departments of Oxford, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham and UCL.

Recent education prize winners from the SAPC annual scientific meetings are as follows:

2015 Oxford - Kay Leedham-Green, King’s College London, for her presentation "What are the learning needs of medical students when addressing obesity in a primary care consultation and how might they be addressed?"

2014 Edinburgh - Russell Hearn, King's College London, for his presentation "The risk of cancer in primary care patients with hypercalcaemia: a retrospective cohort study using electronic records",   

2013 Nottingham - Nicholas Fenlon, Irish College of GPs, Dublin for his presentation "Addressing suicide in primary care – an overview of the suicide prevention in primary care project"

also in 2013 at Nottingham - winner of the NAPCRG/SAPC travel prize - Eliot Rees, Keele for his presentation "Undergraduate teaching in UK general practice: a complete national geographical picture"

The group meets formally once a year at the SAPC conference. This meeting combines presentation and discussion of on-going educational research projects and strategy planning to support group members’ research activities.

The group has strong collaborative links, attends and presents at conferences with groups including the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), the International Association for Medical Education (AMEE), Best Evidence in Medical Education (BEME) and the Education Research Working Group within the NIHR National School for Primary Care Research. The Education Research group is also represented by Sophie Park on the SAPC Early Careers Group.

The Education Research SIG has established a mentoring scheme, whereby colleagues can support each others’ development within this field. If you would like to find out more, please use the email contacts below.

In early 2014, Sophie Park – a GP and Senior Lecturer in Primary Care at UCL – was invited to become Chair, following the committed contributions of Bob McKinley and Joe Rosenthal in previous years. The Education Research SIG supporting committee includes Graham Easton, Alex Harding, Nada Khan, Anne Stephenson and Jenny Johnston.

If you would like to hear more about the group, or get involved, please email: Sophie Park   or Nada Khan


SAPC ERG Publications list – 2015

These relate only to member publications related to educational research

Kerry Boardman

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Graham Easton

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Jenny Johnston

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Sophie Park

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