2021 annual report Digital Technologies SIG


The Digital Technologies in Primary Care SIG had a virtual exhibition stand at SAPC ASM this year, allowing us to showcase our group, increase our profile as a SIG and attract new members. In October 2021, the SIG held a free to attend online event ‘Showcase - the Covid-19 world and digital primary care.’ This event included presentations from academics on current research, and the opportunity for delegates to hear from an NHS policy maker in an interactive Q&A session. Excellent networking opportunities were available, and feedback from the event was very positive. We hosted the event with no funding and using existing resource at Warwick.

We continue to distribute a quarterly newsletter to all SIG members, detailing updates in Digital Technology in Primary Care research, spotlights on members and information on upcoming events. Members are invited to share relevant news and updates.

Future plans

We will continue to share information and relevant events using our regular member newsletter. The next issue is in progress and is due to be circulated in January 2022.

We are currently planning future impact and networking events for members of the SIG. One such event will showcase findings from a number of large ongoing studies featuring exciting research into digital technology in primary care.  

Evidence of impact of the SIG

Membership of the SIG has risen dramatically recently. We now have 117 members, consisting of individuals from academia, clinical practice, industry and policy makers. We also have a number of international members in the SIG, and the SIG Twitter account is busy, with almost 60 followers. Links made between individuals via the SIG have led to collaborations on grant applications. Policymakers have directly sought input from SIG members, with NHS England asking members to contribute to development of evidence-based policy. The SIG lead Dr Atherton has been approached by several industry contacts who have asked for connections with members with a view to forming collaborations.

We have kept a keen focus on engaging ECRs and received feedback that our free event provided the opportunity for ECRs to enhance their CV via the opportunity to present their work, as well as a vital networking opportunity at a time when opportunities are scarce.

How affiliation with SAPC has helped the SIG

Affiliation with SAPC has allowed us to promote our recent event via the SAPC newsletter, and learn from other SIG teams.

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