2020 annual report Digital Technologies SIG

This year we have continued to see an increase in members of the SIG, with the group now having over 40 members (including international members). Due to the current situation, activity this year has been reduced, partly due to staff sickness and partly due to moves towards less face-to-face events. However, we have continued to produce our quarterly Newsletter to share with members, including a spotlight on researchers working in digital technology in Primary Care, updates on relevant PPI activity and upcoming events. We have also created a Twitter account to maintain an online presence throughout this year.

We also caught up with members of the special interest group during a coffee break at South West SAPC conference in March.

We are currently planning an online event, to give members a chance to network, and hear about the latest research in digital technology in Primary Care. Work on the next quarterly newsletter is underway, where we plan to find out what members want from an online event, and what information members want from the group.

The 2019 event in London resulted in some collaborations being formed this year. Networking at the event led to two large, funded projects on digital technology in health. Dr Helen Atherton (SIG lead) was asked to chair a study steering group, and a new supervisory relationship was established for a PhD student within the Unit of Academic Primary Care at the University of Warwick. 

Affiliation with SAPC has provided the SIG team the opportunity to hear and learn from other primary care special interest groups, particularly about how to connect with members during COVID-19.

We are always looking for new members with an interest in digital technology in primary care, and welcome suggestions of future events.

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