2018 Annual report

We are a very new special interest group, being created just over a year ago and having had our inaugural meeting at the SAPC ASM in London 2018. This meeting was well attended.

The group objectives are to

1. To build a network of researchers interested in digital technologies use for healthcare delivery.

2. Provide a networking opportunity for researchers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds who are interested in working in digital technologies in healthcare delivery.

3. Provide a forum for discussion about the issues associated with research in this area, including the challenges.

4. Provide a central point of contact for researchers in academic primary care looking to find expertise in the application of digital technologies in primary care.

5. Bring together digital health researchers from within and outside of NIHR School for Primary Care Research departments.


We currently have 39 members (including international members) and continue to grow. We are actively seeking new members. We send out a quarterly newsletter which members contribute to, this allows us to keep abreast of developments within the field and promote the successes of our members.

We are beginning to develop an external reputation and were recently invited to send a representative to a RCGP meeting on Artificial Intelligence. Dr Matea Deliu attended on our behalf and reported back to the group.

Longer term as well as maintaining our newsletters and meeting at the SAPC ASM we intend to organise a networking event for 2019 to share knowledge and foster collaboration.

Special interest group: