2020 Annual Report


We held the second meeting of our group on 5/11/2020 which was attended by 9 participants. The meeting was held online via Teams due to Covid restrictions. The theme was to facilitate and inform dental trainees (ACFs, DRFs and postdocs) on scientific writing, conference presentations and grant applications.

Our external speaker was Prof Paul Brocklehurst who sits on the NIHR DRF panels and his presentation was highly informative and well received.

Future plans:

  1. Further meetings in 2021 with the theme of exploring implementation methodologies which was an area identified from the last meeting.
  2. Continue with coordination of the SIG’s work on academic primary dental care by liaising with relevant dental groups (CGDent, NIHR CSGs).
  3. Collaboration with other SAPC SIGs to identify common themes to investigate links between oral and systemic diseases

Evidence of Impact

  1. The SIG has led to collaboration between SAPC and the new college of dentistry (CGDENT) and SAPC support for the new college which has on overarching aim of supporting primary dental care careers, research and education. Both SIG co-chairs now have roles within the college and well placed to align SIG activities with the college vision.
  2. Our second meeting has resulted in collaborations and development of grant applications and we hope to continue future meetings in the same vein.

How affiliation with SAPC has helped the SIG

Recognition for primary dental care nationally with positive acknowledgement from HEE, FGDP, college of dentistry and BDA.

Special interest group: