Conversation analysis

First meeting held on Friday 10th December at 14:00 on Zoom

Presenters & SIG Conveners: Dr Charlotte Albury & Dr Cat Woods

Link to download the agenda

The Conversation Analysis (CA) special interest group would like to invite interested SAPC members to join the CA SIG and to attend an introductory meeting about Conversation Analysis. In this meeting we will provide a short overview of CA and its application to the study of healthcare communication. We will also have a round table discussion about the direction of the SIG, including frequency of meetings, format and other networking/collaboration opportunities. As this meeting is scheduled for December, it may (will) include some CA-related Christmas fun!

This meeting was for both clinical and non-clinical researchers.

Best wishes,

Cat & Charlotte

(CA SIG Conveners)


This SIG will be relevant to everyone interested in studying, evaluating or modifying communicative behaviours in healthcare settings. Conversation Analysis has successfully been applied to a range of medical settings including GP-patient consultations, telephone medicine, helplines and online communication. We expect our membership to consist of up to thirty clinical and non-clinical researchers to share expertise from multiple disciplines.


Charlotte Albury

Catherine Woods