Learn to Discover - event

Learn to Discover (L2D) cordially invites you to join us for a unique live event on May 8th at 14:00 (BST) at the RADA Studio Theatre, in Central London.
Coding the Future will showcase the breadth and scope of the Learn to Discover project - an online course that delivers wide-ranging training and education in data sciences, machine learning and AI: developed by life scientists, and aimed at active researchers and innovators in healthcare, and fundamental biosciences.
The event will run you through our core training materials, while unveiling our ambitious aims for the future, sharing insights from learners and introducing the team behind the work. We will explore the forces shaping work and training in this arena, and the imperative for the wider uptake and application of these advances for the benefit of the public, healthcare sector, and industry, at large.
The event will feature Keynote Lectures from prominent leaders in science, at the epicentre of their respective fields: discussing everything from programming the informatic architecture of the COVID-19 pandemic, through to reinventing online education via the world of VR. We will also have live coding demonstrations, and explore the implications of 3-D visuals and spatial audio in data science: live on stage, in an immersive experience for all in attendance. You will not want to miss it.
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