John Fry award

Congratulations to Dr Clare Taylor who received the John Fry award on 17th November at RCGP.

The John Fry Award is presented to a Member or Fellow of the College who has promoted the discipline of general practice through research and scholarship. The award is intended to encourage people to undertake research as a practising GP within 20 years of qualification as a GP and not holding an academic role.

Clare Taylor has consistently committed to primary care research, particularly in heart failure, and has a solid publication record for her career stage.

Since starting as a GP trainee, Clare has recognised the importance of the GP within the healthcare system and the value of primary care research in driving standards and improving patient care. Clare puts the patient at the centre of her work, with peer- reviewers often commenting on the quality of patient and public involvement in her papers.

Clare has led high-quality primary care-based research on heart failure diagnostics and prognosis, publishing over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals. She is first author on publications in the British Medical Journal and European Heart Journal. Her most well-known work used big GP data to describe trends in the survival of people with heart failure in the community and the use of natriuretic peptide testing in diagnosis.

Clare's large body of work has informed both the European Society of Cardiology and NICE guidance. She is passionate about scholarship in everyday general practice and has written short, easily accessible pieces for busy GPs to summarise her work on the NICE guideline committee. She has also written blogs and designed infographics to support the dissemination of all her recent research outputs.
Clare was Chair of the Associates in Training Committee at RCGP, established and led the First5programme to support new GPs and was an active member of the RCGP Council for almost ten years as a strong advocate for academic primary care. She was also on the SAPC Executive Board, representing the needs of early career researchers.