Call for contributions to an anthology - Climate Matters 2020: Questioning Capitalism

Here is a message from Dr Sally Flint, University of Exeter, who gave a recital of some of her work at the SAPC ASM 2019 in Exeter, inviting contributions to the Climate Matters 2020 antholgoy.  

It's nearly a year since the SAPC conference when we had some fascinating conversations, especially about the impact of Climate Change on health care plans, and how story telling might connect with the public. I realised at the conference too that SAPC ASM participants often write poetry and stories alongside research papers. So, with much of this in mind, please see the call for submissions to an anthology: Climate Matters 2020: Questioning Capitalism. This can be shared with anyone you think might be interested in contributing either a nugget of science/medical research, a poem, a story or an image. (The word limits are short so we can include as much as possible.) I'm acting as lead editor on this collaborative venture between Culture Matters and Riptide Journal based in the Dept of English at University of Exeter. Online and printed publications are planned to coincide with COP 26 in November.  

Submissions have started rolling in from the great and the good, and we want to include and link a diverse mix of voices, local, national and international - and some POV's from forward thinking primary care professionals would be very welcome.

Covid 19 must be having a huge impact on your ways of working, research and plans so you may not have time for this but if you do we will be very grateful for your contributions.

Wishing you all the very best,

Sally Flint

Department of English

University of Exeter

Details and guidance for submissions can be found in the call for submissions