SAPC announces new affiliation with the Journal of Comorbidity

Journal of Comorbidity

SAPC and the Journal of Comorbidity are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership aimed at strengthening collaborations and enhancing opportunities among primary care professionals with an interest in comorbidity and multimorbidity.

The Journal of Comorbidity is an international, open-access peer reviewed journal that aims to optimise the management of patients with comorbidity and multimorbidity. SAPC and the Journal of Comorbidity share a commitment to optimising the impact of scholarship through collaboration. Our new partnership will be an important contribution to bringing together communities with academic and clinical interests in comorbidity – in order to drive improvements in care.

SAPC will raise awareness of the Journal of Comorbidity amongst its membership, and wider users of its website. In return, SAPC members will receive a discounted rate to publish in the journal.

Further details about our partnership can be found in our joint editorial.

Read more about the Journal of Comorbidity on their website .

Building an academic primary care publishing community

Our affiliation with the Journal of Comorbidity is the first in our latest work to build a new APC publishing community.