Supporting your career: SAPC Prizes

Receiving a prize means many things. It demonstrates the value and importance that others place on our work. It can be an important marker of distinction and success on your CV. And it is an opportunity for celebration and congratulation.

SAPC recognises the value of prizes in supporting your career, and so regularly supports a number of awards listed on this page.


What and when: Two prizes (Senior and Junior) Awarded annually at the SAPC Annual Scientifc Meeting.

Who can apply: For both awards, anyone submitting an abstract to the SAPC Annual Scientifc Meeting. Senior award - you must be 5 years (pro rota) post PhD. Junior award - open to students, doctoral fellows, or people within 5 years pro rota of completing their PhD.

How to apply:if you are given an oral presentation slot at the SAPC Annual Scientific Meeting you will be eligible to be considered. 

Judging: Oral presentations of top scoring abstracts will be judged by a panel convened by the SAPC Executive.

Award: Junior prize winner receives free registration at the next NAPCRG meeting and a £500 bursary from SAPC towards travel costs. The Senior prize winner receives free registration and a distinguished paper presentation slot at the next NAPCRG meeting.


Additional prizes at the ASM may vary slightly from year to year but will usually include:

HIGHEST SCORING ABSTRACT: a distinguished paper plenary presentation slot is awarded to the abstracts scored most highly by our peer review panel.

EDUCATION PRIZE: an award to the best education presentation at the conference.

EARLY CAREER RESEARCHER PRIZE: an award for the best oral presentation from an early career researcher.

POSTER PRIZE: for the best poster presentation at the ASM.

Details of eligibility and judging for these prizes will be advertised on the ASM website pages.


Are arranged by the organising committe for each regional meeting. Details will be on the meeting webpage.

Each regional meeting includes one prize offering free attendance at the ASM, along with a selection of poster, education and research awards.


What and when: Jointly presented by the Royal College of GPs (through its Scientific Foundation Board) and SAPC, this award recognises the contributions of early career researchers in advancing the discipline of acdemic primary care through research. The award is advertised each autumn with a closing deadline of 31st January.

Who can apply: Early career researchers in APC. Applicants will normally have completed their PhD. Candidates with more than 5 years (pro rota) experience ar eineligible to apply.

How to apply: Details will be advertised on the RCGP and SAPC website each year.

Judging: Is by a panel of primary care academics from SAPC and RCGP.

Award: £1000 to enable the winner to meet and collaborate with international researchers.


Is an award by nomination normally presented by the Royal College of General Practitioners, in consultation with the SAPC.

What and when: the award is presented to a Member of Fellow of the College who has promoted the discipline of General Practice through research and publishing. Nominations are invited annually through SAPC.

Who can apply: the award is by nomination rather than self-application. Nominees must be a practicisng Member or Fellow and be within 20 years of qualification as a GP.

Judging: the RCGP Feloowship and Awards Committee.

Award: silver medal presented at the College's Spring General Meeting.