Pre-conference workshop 2

Introduction to Health Technology Assessment

09:30 - 12:00 on Wednesday 12th July 2017


How do drugs go from market authorisation to use in the NHS?  What do the people at NICE really do?  What sorts of evidence go into decision-making about which drugs the NHS will pay for?  In this workshop, participants will understand how academic teams, stakeholders and NICE work together to ensure clinically and cost effective healthcare, and what academic teams do to support this decision-making.

After an introduction to the health technology assessment ‘process’ in the UK, participants will discuss examples of drugs used in primary care.  Supported by experts in systematic review and economic evaluation, participants will work through dossiers of the evidence submitted by companies, statements provided by patients and providers, and independent appraisal provided by academic teams.  As a result of this workshop, participants will understand how considerations of clinical evidence, economic evidence and expected impact on the NHS and other stakeholders inform national guidance on which drugs to recommend for use in the NHS.

This workshop will be hosted by a team from Warwick Evidence, one of nine academic groups who provide independent appraisal and advice to NICE.  Established in 2011, we are an interdisciplinary group of health services researchers, epidemiologists, economists and information scientists.  Recent examples of our work to support national decision-making include hip replacements, diabetes monotherapies, screening for tuberculosis and both first-line and newer-generation treatments for multiple sclerosis.

G.J Melendez-Torres, University of Warwick

Attendance cost per person: £50 - bookable via on-line registration.