CEA workshop 1st July 2021

What is happening with clinical excellence awards? A workshop for academic GPs: 3:35 PM to 5 PM , Thursday 1 July

Senior academic GPs have had access to the national clinical excellence award scheme since 2004. Major changes to the scheme are proposed which (as they stand) will disadvantage academic GPs. A particular issue is that since 2013, senior academic GPs have not act access to a local clinical excellence award scheme (which provides a platform and safety net for consultants). In this workshop Professor John Campbell and Professor Tony Avery will provide an update on the proposed changes to the national clinical excellence award scheme, and what we are doing as a community to make the case for re-establishing local clinical excellence awards for academic GPs. We will also provide an update/advice on applying for national clinical excellence awards.



Following an initial short presentation from John and Tony, we will invite questions and then discuss the topics that are of most interest to participants.