6th Helen Lester Memorial Lecture, Exeter

The 6th Helen Lester Memorial Lecture

Wednesday 3rd July 2019 

17.30 to 18.15

The Auditorium, The Forum, Stocker Road, University of Exeter, Streatham Campus

Guest speaker: Professor Gene Feder OBE, University of Bristol

Lecture title: Domestic violence and childhood adverse experiences: who cares?

Physical, emotional and sexual trauma, ever-present in human history, has become visible in the space of family and home, largely thanks to feminist political action.  Domestic violence (DV) and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are now also understood empirically as aetiological factors in chronic physical and mental illness, catalysing new public health, clinical and social care policies, often badged as trauma-informed. These policies are premised on the intrinsic value of identifying survivors of DVA and ACEs, but is identification necessarily beneficial? Is screening in health and social care services justified? What are appropriate health care responses to survivors, particularly in general practice? What is our role in caring for survivors, without losing sight of the structural factors, particularly poverty, austerity and misogyny, which bear down on many of them? How can we care well?

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