2021 virtual posters

Click here for virtual platform guidelines for poster presenters - how to engage with visitors to your poster is explained on pages 6, 7 and 8.

Poster presenters are not required to give formal presentations.

You should have received an email from Speakeasy, the virtual platform providers for the SAPC ASM 2021 containing access to the portal, how to upload your poster to the virtual platform by 15th June.

Your poster has been allocated a number and a theme and you should have received an email about this from Sue Stewart - click here to download the list of posters in alpha order of presenter

Once on the portal when you fill in the title of your poster please enter your poster number first before the title as follows:

Example: 01.01 - My poster title 

And select the theme which was allocated to your poster in the email with the poster number.  The number and the theme can be found in the poster list in alpha order of presenter.  View poster abstracts

Format of your poster

The documents you upload for your poster will need to be in pdf form.  Usual document size - A4 portrait or landscape orientation. Delegates will be able to open your documents.  The main pdf document can be any length.  It can be a single page and if you choose to have have more pages we recommend you have a summary introductory page perhaps similar to a poster you would prepare for a face to face meeting and details can follow on additional pages or in separate documents. If you upload more than one document they will appear in alphabetical order or if you enter a number before the file name they will appear in number order.

You could use powerpoint or word or other document and convert it to pdf.

You may also enter a url link to a short video (you could host this on YouTube for example).

Poster discussion

Poster discussion will be advertised in the programme from 09.00 to 10.00 on both Weds 30th June and Thurs 1st July.  You do not have to be available for the whole time – you can add a note to your poster to say when you will be available. 

Your poster can be accessed in two ways within the conference portal.

  • In the poster gallery it can be viewed at any time and all the posters are available in the gallery.
  • In the timeline at 09.00 – 10.00 (poster discussion) your poster will just be listed on either 30th June or 1st July.  However, it can still be viewed in the poster gallery at any time.  You might therefore find you have more visitors on the day it is listed in the timeline.