2021 preparing to attend the virtual SAPC ASM

Information for registered delegates.  Not yet registered - sign up now?

You will access the conference via a virtual platform.  Look out for the log on details which will be sent to you one week before the event by Speakeasy, our platform providers. 

Making the most of your attendance at the virtual ASM:

  • Make time in your diary (10 minutes) in the week before the conference to make sure you can log on to the platform, find your way around and fill in your personal profile details (as much as you wish to share)
  • Be available - clear as much time as you can from your diary to be able to focus on the ASM on Weds 30th June and Thurs 1st July.
  • Get involved and make connections, here are some suggestions:
    • Posters - visit the posters and join in discussions at the start of both days (09.00-10.00)
    • Exhibition - visit the virtual exhibition where SAPC partners and Special Interest Groups are exhibiting (09.00-10.00)
    • Networking - join the networking event which will run at 09.30 each day.  This is where you will be automatically entered into a chat room were you will meet 3 others for 4 minutes.  After 4 minutes you will be re-shuffled into another room.  You can leave at any time
    • Meeting Hub - you will be able to request contacts with other delegates attending via the Meeting Hub on the platform.  You will be able to see who is currently on-line.

All the sessions will be accessed via the virtual platform so don’t leave logging on to the last minute just in case you encounter issues with your video, sound or firewall.  There will be a help button in case you run in to difficulties but please make sure you try out your access in the days before the conference to make your participation run as smoothly as possible on the day.

If you are on twitter and wish to tweet please tag @sapcacuk #sapcasm.

We look forward to welcoming you!