2019 Poster Set Up

Poster set-up and take down

Poster design top tips

Location of poster boards: The Forum ground floor

Session 1: Wednesday pm/Thursday am - boards will be available by 10.30 on Wednesday to put up your poster and posters should be removed at the end of the morning coffee break or by 12.30 on Thursday.

Session 2: Thursday pm/Friday am - boards will be available from 13.00 on Thursday to put up your poster and posters should be removed at the end of the morning coffee break on Friday.

Poster Viewing and Discussion

There are no formal presentation or your poster, just discussion.  Refreshment breaks provide a good time for poster viewing and discussion.  You won’t need to be at your board at a designated time but we recommend that you leave a notice sheet (this will be provided at the conference) on the poster board to let viewers know when you will be at your board for discussion.  We also suggest that you include your mobile phone number and/or email so that delegates who are keen to meet with you to discuss your work can make contact with you and arrange a convenient time. 

Poster panels measure

100 cm wide

200 cm high

Portrait orientation paper/poster size A0 will fit the poster presentation boards

The suggested useable area is around 1.5 m high (leaving 50cm blank at the bottom of the board although this area may be used if preferred).

If the poster is not produced on a single roll out card or laminate it may be mounted on coloured poster paper or light card - this can be in several pieces that will make the poster easier to transport. 

A matt finish may be easier to read than a glossy finish and materials arranged in columns may be easier to follow than those in rows.  Try to place the introduction in the upper left corner and conclusions in the lower right corner.


Posters must be fixed to the boards using Velcro hooks.  The boards are covered in loop nylon fabric.  This acts as the soft side of Velcro.   Please ensure that you bring sufficient sticky backed Velcro hooks with you for your poster.