Science communication

Talk Code: 
Julia Bailey, Lucy Lloyd
Author institutions: 
University College London, University of Cambridge

Communicating research findings effectively is an essential step on a pathway to impact. Social media offers an amazing opportunity for people to learn about health and to find support, but the voice of the scientific community is often missing.



This workshop will explore how to plan clear, engaging social media communications


Educational objectives and content

• To be inspired by examples of others’ multi-media scientific communications (e.g.
       videos, podcasts, infographics, blogs)

• To practise conveying a health message clearly and concisely

• To have a framework for planning your own clear, engaging science communication



This workshop will be interactive. The facilitators will offer a short overview of key principles of clear and engaging science communication (using PowerPoint), and demonstrate multi-media examples. There will be short communication exercises to practise skills. Participants will come away with ideas for how to increase the reach and impact of their work using social media.


Intended audience

Anyone wishing to discuss science communication for health promotion and research impact



Julia Bailey is passionate about all forms of communication. She teaches communication skills for clinicians and for academics, and led the development of the Contraception Choices website.

Lucy Lloyd manages communications for the Primary Care Unit at Cambridge, focusing on the use of communications to help researchers achieve impact. Previously she worked in Government and in third sector campaigns.