SAPC ASM 2019 - Exeter - Posters

P2.001 RCGP/SAPC Elective Prize Winner - Primary care in Primary schools
P2.001A Creative piece - The hats we wear
P2.001B Creative piece - Brian
P2.001C Creative piece - Poetry of Preventative Care: Poems from research interviews with healthcare professionals and patients
P2.001D Creative piece - Mr X
P2.001E Creative piece - The opaque consultation, an illustration of the Doctor as Drug
P2.001F Creative piece - Living with long-QT syndrome
P2.01 Exploring Online Resources for Childhood Eczema: A Survey of Parents’ Online Resource use and mixed methods analysis of Online Exchanges
P2.02 Can the preference for and uptake of long-acting reversible contraception in young Australian women be increased using an online “LARC first” educational video?
P2.03 GPPCOS: exploring women’s experience of the management of PCOS in general practice.
P2.04 Placebos in Primary Care? A Nominal Group Study Explicating GP and Patient Views
P2.05 Nonverbal communication between registered nurses and patients in general practice during lifestyle risk reduction conversations
P2.06 General practice nurse views of interactiona lstrategies necessary for lifestyle risk communication
P2.07 IMPlementing IMProved Asthma self-management as Routine Treatment: the IMP2ART programme
P2.08 Developing a patient-centred template for asthma reviews: an IMP2ART implementation strategy
P2.09 A patient-orientated hospital discharge summary to promote self-care in older patients: a mixed-method study to determine suitability and outcome measures
P2.10 Do patients access electronic medical test results services in General Practice in England?
P2.11 Patients’ satisfaction with Primary Health Care Services in Saudi Arabia and its determinants
P2.12 Does ability to access primary health care vary with personal and social characteristics?
P2.13 Incorporating a very brief intervention for personalised cancer risk assessment to promote behaviour change in primary care: a pilot study