Optional activities

Thursday, 7 July 2016 - 5:30pm

A choice of one activity from the following three:

The Assistant Surgeon - A Titanic Story

by John Martin, great nephew of the assistant surgeon on board

The wreck of the RMS Titanic is probably the best known maritime disaster of all time. This talk looks at a lesser known aspect of the story; how the White Star Line provided medical care for the passengers and crew.

There were five staff in the medical team onboard the RMS Titanic. The two doctors on the team were Irish; one from Tralee and the other, John Edward Simpson, from Belfast. This talk describes how Dr Simpson came to be on the luckless liner, what his duties as the Assistant Surgeon were and how those duties impacted on potential immigrants to the USA. Eyewitness accounts of his experience as the ship sank tell the harrowing story of how the journey ended. 

Our speaker John Martin FCRS is the great nephew of Dr Simpson.

Where: Poddle Room, Printworks Building (conference venue) - 17.30

Tour of the State Apartments - THIS TOUR IS FULL

A private tour for SAPC conference delegates of the magnificent State Apartments.

This is included in the registration fee and can be ordered when you register on-line. 

The tour will last approximately 45 minutes.

Where to meet: SAPC conference registration desk at 17.30

Yoga Session

At Dublin Castle - bring some comfortable clothes

Where to meet: SAPC conference registration desk at 17.30