Workshop 1 - Understanding, reporting and conducting pilot and feasibility trials

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Facilitators: Sandra Eldridge Queen Mary University of LondonChristine Bond University of AberdeenGillian Lancaster University of LancasterMike Campbell University of Sheffield Aim and intended outcome / educational objectives Following a well-attended workshop at SAPC in 2011 on pilot and feasibility studies, we have been developing an extension to the CONSORT statement for pilot trials, and an overarching framework for defining these studies. In this workshop we aim to:

  • introduce participants to an overarching conceptual framework for defining pilot and feasibility studies conducted in preparation for a randomised controlled trial of effectiveness
  • present the CONSORT extension for pilot randomised trials, particularly focusing on where this differs from the main CONSORT statement
  • use participants' pilot and feasibility trials to exemplify good practice in reporting, design and conduct

Intended audience The workshop will appeal to experienced and novice trialists from clinical and non-clinical disciplines.It would be helpful if participants could bring with them details of any pilot trials they have been/will be involved with to aid discussion as outlined above.


  • Sandra Eldridge