Contributions to the evidence-base updated 14 April 2020 - Covid-19

There have been a number of important contributions from SAPC members to the evidence-base which will support clinicians in their work.

Added 14th April 2020:

St George's University London - Mohammed Razai has shared a acouple of links:

  • an open access paper published recently in the BMJ with advice on management of covid-19 in primary care (6th March 2020). Covid-19: a guide for UK GPs 
  • We have created an online MOOC on Covid-19 for primary care. It is free and open for enrollment. Week one's content was released on Future Learn platform on Monday 6th April 2020. Please click here to visit the course. 

Included in the blog on 7th April 2020:

Notable is the work of Trisha Greenhalgh’s team at Oxford (supported by NIHR, Wellcome Trust, Health Foundation): Her work on video consultations and remote consultations.

Apparently this infographic has been translated into 11 languages.  The whole primary care community is indebted to Trisha and her team.


Paul Little, Southampton, published an excellent review on the possible risk of use of NSAIDs in people with COVID19, which impacts on the advice primary care clinicians give their patients..


Richard Riley from Keele has contributed to a Systematic review and critical appraisal of prediction models for diagnosis and prognosis of COVID-19 infection:


Of course, the Royal College of General Practitioners is devoting all their resources to keeping GPs up to date and has developed a members forum which is updated daily 


The RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre is actively recruiting practices to join the network and share data, as well as providing the opportunity for practices to participate in new COVID19-related research.