Mentorship feedback - mentors

Quotes from SAPC mentors of their experience of the mentorship programme

"For me being a mentor is about supporting academic staff to fulfil their potential in their terms.  I see my role as facilitative, involving listening, questioning, synthesising and commenting, in that order.  I very much enjoy it.  Given the very demanding and often insecure environments that many researchers currently work in, helping people to explore their work priorities and goals, whilst at the same time placing them in the context of the rest of their lives, is very gratifying.   It also makes you review and reflect on your own journey."  


"One of the things that I like most about being a mentor is the opportunity to support other people’s decision making about their career development. It is particularly satisfying to have the opportunity to build people’s confidence so that they can appreciate what they have already achieved and make plans for new goals."


"I really enjoy being a mentor.  I have one mentee and we have developed a good relationship, I enjoy being able to provide objective advice.  We usually ‘meet up’ virtually using Skype and only meet up if the mentee finds it useful."  



I have found the process of being an SAPC mentor extremely enjoyable. Clearly the first aim is for the mentees to find it to be helpful and worthwhile. However, I have also found it really beneficial. It is uplifting to be part of a support network where those taking part are clearly so committed and engaged to academic primary care. The opportunity to find out how other institutions operate, in relation to career support and progression, is very useful. It also provided me with the first opportunity to receive some training in mentorship. Finally, the occasional meeting with the mentors is also very helpful, allowing us to share experiences and learn from each other.


It is good to see our mentees progress, be that in getting a paper published that they asked for advice on; getting promotion; sorting out a particular work-placed problem. I was particularly pleased when a mentee contacted me to say that they had been successful in their promotion application, which I had commented on.


I would heartily recommend the SAPC mentor scheme, for both mentors and mentees."