2018 Creative Enquiry at the SAPC ASM London

Waves CE ASM 2018

‘Creative enquiry’ was a new strand within the SAPC programme of 2018. Through imagination, metaphor and symbol, successful participants embrace the complexity and inter-subjectivity inherent in lived experience and patient care. Knowledge-creation and meaning-making through the creation of artistic, poetic or dramatic expressions allows for the emergence of perspective and voice and can help us to gain insight on ourselves as seers and the lenses we embody.

The motto of the Royal College of General Practitioners is ‘Cum Scientia Caritas’ (science with compassion). Caritas: Creative Enquiry is an opportunity to enrich and extend our engagement with the art and practice of medicine. The aim is not to displace our attention to academic rigour, but to enhance it…and it is not about creating entertainment, but about entertaining creativity in how we think about primary health care.

"Familiar Strangers - Fallen angels" by Roghieh Dehghan Zaklaki and Leila Dehghan

Reaching the roots - Georgie Campbell, Bristol

Reaching the roots CE ASM 18


Stepping into the frame – Essi Igwelaezoh, Bristol

Stepping into the frame CE ASM 18

Waves – Freya Elliott

Waves CE ASM 2018

Oyster shells – William Hirst, QMUL

Oyster shells CE ASM 18

The big issue of feet – Emma Perkins, Bristol

The big issue of feet CE ASM 18

Mutual sighting – Kathleen Rafferty, Bristol

Mutual sighting CE ASM 18

Story specimens and chemistry – Caroline Sanders, Manchester

Caroline Sanders CE ASM 18



 Jul 11


Beautiful creative enquiry piece by exploring the intersection between health research and art