Creative enquiry: Reaching the Roots

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Georgie Campbell

I think there is a lot to be said about different forms of therapy. Just tackling the medical pathology may not solve the problem, as in so many cases, there is so much more to the story than meets the eye. Treating a patient holistically means treating them as a whole. Whilst this is the ultimate goal of GP’s it can often be difficult under the crushing pressure of a 10 minute consultation time. The ever increasing expectations of patients and the worsening bureaucracy of GP practices now means a constant battle for doctors to succeed in all aspects of patient care. This is where creative therapies can come in and this is what my piece ultimately represents. The central eye catching alarm clock signifies the time pressures, it is at the forefront of the viewer’s attention with the striking red colour against such a stark white background. On the clock face sits a tree to represent the whole person, roots and all. The hands of the clock are stuck at 10 past the hour symbolising the 10 minute consultation time. Around the outside of the clock musical notes dance around with words at the bottom citing my own poetry. Each medium used is also significant as the background denotes music therapy and creative writing, while the painting and the tree, made of paper and wool, represent art therapy and craft therapy respectively. While making this piece, although it was planned in advance, I allowed myself to adapt and evolve my ideas with paintbrush in hand. I wanted to include some swirling brushstrokes and smooth lines, hence the background of the clock-face and the notes in the background because I find these much more relaxing not only to draw or paint but also to look at, appropriate as they represent the therapies. In contrast, I actually found painting the clock itself much more stressful and time consuming, suitable considering it represents time pressures.

Overall, the meaning behind this piece is that occasionally the GP may not be able to reach the root of the problem in the allocated 10 minutes with a patient (much like the clock hands can’t reach the roots of the tree). However, there are so many other options in the form of therapy that those willing can delve into outside of the GP’s room. Here patients have the opportunity to spend a whole hour with someone there to listen, allowing them the space to explore their emotions while releasing their minds to creativity. With an open mind, the entirety of the patient’s problems, including the underlying issues, could be uprooted and untangled.