2020 New Perspectives in Compassion for Tomorrow's Doctors

31st July 2020, 1:00pm

A new publication from the SAPC Special Interest Group in Compassion. 

Title: New Perspectives in Compassion for Tomorrow's Doctors

This book was conceived at the last annual scientific meeting in Exeter and the emphasis is on Leicester undergraduates where I work who will be tomorrow’s doctors and their new perspectives on that most important area of clinical practice, compassion, which is hugely difficult to measure or define. 

The students provide amazing new insights and the book finishes with the reflections of experienced and retired colleagues. If the future doctors that we are training are not better than us, then we have failed as medical teachers. The book opens with two colleagues who consider compassion and how it is changing as a result of the current pandemic. 

So much for us to think about for the future and when the Special Interest Group in Compassion next meets. 

Rodger Charlton

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DOI: 10.37361/sigcomp.2020.1.1

DOI link: https://sapc.ac.uk/doi/10.37361/sigcomp.2020.1.1

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