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Recognising Scholarship at the heart of the modern discipline of General Practice

Clinical Practice is changing, so medical education must too ( Wenzel 2017 ). In a world characterised by widespread access to knowledge, professional practice is increasingly defined not by what you know, but by how you use what you know (Wenzel 2017). For General Practice, this means revising our understanding of the medical generalist role. It is no longer sufficient (accurate or adequately distinct) to describe the generalist as someone who ‘knows a little about a lot of things. Defining generalist practice in terms of 'what you know' invites a continued search for technical solutions (...

Supporting General Practice careers

Professor Val Wass led a recent task force review to examine what could be done to promote GP careers within medical schools. Academic Primary Care, and the Society for Academic Primary Care, are recognised to play a key role in this agenda. This article outlines the key recommendations from the report and the work that SAPC is doing, in conjunction with partners, to address them.