GP Scholarship Academic GP APC Strategy


Championing and cultivating the intellectual expertise at the heart of the profession of General Practice


SAPC, working in partnership with the RCGP, is leading work to raise the profile of, capacity for, and impact of clinical scholarship across the Primary Care community.

We need strong Academic Primary Care, now more than ever, if we are to achieve the effective, efficient, equitable health care that the best models of primary care can deliver. The strength of our discipline comes from bringing together Primary Care clinicians, including GPs, and Primary Health Care Scientists in a shared goal of championing excellence in primary care scholarship driving improvements in primary care provision.

What do we mean by scholarship?

Scholarship refers to both the intellectual capacity of individual GPs (Every GP a Scholar) and the collective professional wisdom.

Our view of scholarship recognises the full range of intellectual tasks described by Boyer . Namely, Discovery (including original research); Integration (information synthesis across discipline/topics/time); Application (discovering ways to use knowledge to solve problems); and Inspiration (teaching). Scholarship is defined by tasks and actions not by job title or contractual status.

Scholarship is a necessary part of professional excellence: both in clinical consultation as well as the extended roles of GPs including practice development and organisation, education, innovation, leadership, research.

Collective professional wisdom is an integral part of Academic Primary Care: the distinct body of work and knowledge that defines, develops and delivers the person-centred model/system of healthcare that is primary care.