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Championing and cultivating the pragmatic wisdom and clinical scholarship at the heart of modern General Practice The Wise GP programme recognises that modern health care needs gold-standard evidence, but also gold-standard professional wisdom. Visit the Wise GP website Scholarship refers to both the intellectual task of GP practice ( Every GP a Scholar ), and the collective professional wisdom of our discipline. Scholarship is the higher level thinking that underpins the everyday pragmatism of clinical practice - the intellectual expertise that enables clinicians to deliver highest quality care to their individual patients. Scholarship is a necessary part of professional excellence: both in the context of the clinical consultation, as well as the extended roles undertaken by many GPs including practice development and organisation, education, innovation, leadership, and research. The GP Scholarship programming is rethinking how we recognise , champion , and cultivate General Practice as the intellectual discipline it is, and needs to be, to address today's healthcare challenges.