2021 annual report prescribing and medication optimisation


We have held three meetings over the course of the year – all via MS Teams. We have also attended the SIGs lead meeting and the annual meeting.

During these meeting we have discussed research ideas and initial stage proposals including those from early career researchers. The SIG has also developed collaboration across institutions and supported the dissemination of relevant research both within and without the SIG.

We have worked with partner organisations notably the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Pharmacy Research UK. We are also starting to build links with the British Pharmacological Society. The role of SAPC was featured in a recent PRUK newsletter, which highlighted that SAPC is the leading primary care research organisation in the UK and encouraged pharmacists and pharmacy techs to join.

Future plans

We will continue to build links with partner organisations and promote the role of the SIG and SAPC more generally. We will continue to hold regular meetings which will act as venues to obtain support, exchange ideas and support researchers, from all disciplines, working in this area.

Evidence of impact of the SIG

The SIG has helped SAPC to build links with academic pharmacy. Pharmacy members of the SIG have subsequently joined other SIGs which has helped to develop the research agenda in other areas including dental care, dermatology and mental health.

How affiliation with SAPC has helped the SIG

Affiliation with SAPC has helped to build expertise in Academic Primary Care in relation to medication optimisation. It has enabled practice to link with academia. By bringing together the key elements of the primary care academic workforce the SIG has helped to build the research portfolio in this area.